character portrait


Zegan stands tall and slender about 5'9", with grey skin and sharp features. He has piercing blue eyes and long, white hair that is often tied back. Zegan wears dark clothing and has well worn but sturdy dark brown leather armor, brown boots and two daggers strapped to his leather belt. He also carries a pair of scimitars on his back. His clothing is inconspicuous and helps him blend into the shadows.

character portrait

Zegan is highly skilled in stealth and deception. He is adept at moving silently and picking locks, and has a natural talent for thievery. He is also trained in close combat, using his agility and speed to his advantage in battles. He has a strong connection to the Shadowfell, which he can use to increase his physical abilities and to call forth shadows to conceal himself.

Zegan is naive to the normal flow of life on the material plane. He is accustomed to being surrounded by darkness and death, so much that his nonchalance attitude toward death is off-putting to the average person. Zegan is also devoid of most emotions, not understanding sadness, compassion or suffering, although he is jovial and is a generally friendly and funny person. Zegan is unaccustomed to societal norms and has no qualms about ending the life of any type of creature that threatens him or his friends harm. This is the way in his part of the Shadowfell and Zegan finds it hard to reign this back in the material plane.


city center

Zegan has known nothing but the streets of Gloomwrought in the Shadowfell for his entire life. He has no recollection of any family. For many years he was a slave child and subjugated by the House Harskel family to assist with buying and selling items and collecting money. Zegan had little choice but to accept his fate in Gloomwrought as leaving the city is neigh impossible without powerful magic.

Zegan befriended a sadistic and demented mage named Yizla from the Drowned Quarter district of Gloomwrought, his idea is that he would eventually rob Yizla for money and treasure. Yizla was a terrible person but Zegan learned how to be deceptive and to get into his good graces. Zegan noticed that Yizla was using powerful magic in an attempt to open some kind of portal. Eventually through some trickery and deception, Zegan realized that Yizla was on the verge of being able to open a portal to the Material Plane.

Zegan knew that the portal that Yizla was opening would only stay open for a few seconds, if Yizla could even get it to work at all. Zegan knew that Yizla had toiled, tortured and schemed his entire life in pursuit of the supplies to open this portal and it would be very difficult to open it again. Zegan knew that this was his only opportunity to escape his terrible life in Gloomwrought. Zegan promised Yizla that he would burn all evidence of him opening this portal after Yizla stepped through it, but Zegan had other ideas. The mage Yizla finally was able to conjure the portal which appeared in a flash of grey light, blowing papers all over the room. Zegan seized his opportunity, plunging his dagger into Yizla's left eye socket and kicking him backwards onto the floor, Zegan dashed forward and jumped into the small portal just as it was about to close, Yizla screaming and attempting to cast a spell in the background to stop him...

Zegan was spit out into the Material Plane, more specifically the setting of Samarahd. He was thrilled to see the portal close behind him. He found himself in some sort of dungeon and realized that there was some sort of combat occurring between a motley party of adventurers fighting a Drider. Being familiar with Drow creatures, he was able to step in and help destroy it, gaining some traveling companions and maybe friends for the beginning of his new life in the Material Plane.


Zegan is currently adventuring in Samarahd in the Material Plane with the party he met after he stepped through the portal.