pic of Togark


Togark is older, his hair is starting to show grey streaks. He stands about 6 feet tall and is strongly built. His weapon, shield and armor are well worn and shows signs of many battles. He is a seasoned Paladin and has a good deal of experience in real combat. His chain mail is dull but sufficient and his clothing is a combination of dark blues and greens. His hair is long but tied back in a messy bun. His black beard is immaculate and well trimmed. His tusks and green skin give away his Half-Orc race. His favored weapon is a heavy, well made warpick.



Togark was born and raised in Norsgard, a medium sized kingdom south of Samarahd. He took a liking to ships and sailing and worked his way up in the Norsgard Navy commanding his own vessel. He was involved in many land and naval battles and was an acclaimed fighter, spellcaster and leader for Norsgard. He was mostly successful in his long career in the military but realized as he got older that he needed to step down and retire.

Togark retired from military life and took a well paid and easy position in the Royal Guard for the Norsgard family. He enjoyed his job and was treated well despite the fact that he was not related to the Royal Family. They still respected him for his long career protecting Norsgard.

One evening, Togark overheard rumors and received information that Norsgard was the target of a stealth attack by the warring kingdom of Farhaven. Togark immediately took this information to the Royal Family but they deemed it almost impossible for it to happen. Togark implored them to take action and to prepare for an attack but they dismissed his concerns.

Several months later, Togark awoke in the middle of the night to an all out assault on Norsgard by Farhaven, just as he had expected. Nobody had taken him seriously and Norsgard was quickly overrun and destroyed. Togark fought valiantly but was unable to save anybody from the Royal Family. Togark was able to barely escape by hiding in a ditch outside and moving quietly that next evening, climbing through a mountain range to the North and ending up in the desert of Samarahd.



Togark adventured with some friends he met out in the desert of Samarahd (Arlinien, Zaris and 84SH). They had several amazing adventures together including clearing out a sewer infested with Tuffywogs, halting the trade of poisonous Thimble Weed and jumping out of a second story window using 'Tempestuous Magic' to stop some bandits from fleeing.

Unfortunately, during the battle with the evil Tiefling, Voss Dread, Togark was struck down and killed. The party continued on without him but his trademark warpick is still in use to this day wielded by his friend 84SH.