Korret Fogpot

character portrait


Korret stands about 4 ft tall and has a slender build. He has pale skin, brown hair and just a stubble of a beard. Korret wears a comically large fur coat that is silvery grey and made from wolf pelts. He also has a comically large fur hat to match. His pants are leather/fur and his boots are leather. He has a large violin type bow that is half as tall as him strapped to his leather belt. He has a strange looking wooden musical instrument strapped to his back, probably unlikely that anybody has seen such a strange instrument. (It is called a 'Gnaal' and it is a type of bowed Lyre.) Almost all the music he plays is dark and gloomy.

Korret grew up being mentored by a College of Whisper Bard master. He learned not only how to be a typical Bard but also how to deceive, steal, gather information and blackmail people. He is never honest about his schooling and just makes up a small fictional town and fictional Bard college when asked. He almost always keeps up his 'persona' of a typical Bard and tries not to let on how much of a trickster and thief he is. He will cooperate and share treasure with others but will hoard money and valuables if he is sure he can get away with it.

Korret has the ability, Silent Speech from his race which allows him to speak telepathically to others. He almost will never use this with allies unless he absolutely has to. He does use it extensively against enemies to harm them with spells, intimidate or frighten them. He obviously is a spellcaster but tries to subtlety use magic when he can. He will often try to use charm person, detect magic and dissonant whispers without others noticing.


city of Amn

Korret Fogpot hails from the Halfling dominated city Esmeltaran near the larger city Amn in the South of the Sword Coast. His mother and father raised him in their large hamlet just outside of town in the country. Korret’s family was wealthy as both his mother and father were proficient in several instruments and made their wealth performing as Bards in the much bigger city of Amn. Korret quickly became adept at playing stringed instruments and the difficult to play Gnaal was his favorite. Korret led a quiet, privileged life until he met his best friend Oslos in Amn. Oslos was an orphan who grew up on the streets of the big city. Oslos was adept at thievery, stealth and adept at using small weapons such as daggers to get by in the mean streets of Amn. Korret would sneak away at night and hang out with Oslos, learning the ways of a thief.

Korret never knew his father. It was rumoured that his father suffered a tragedy as he lost his pointer finger to a knucklehead trout while fishing off the coast. His father had an incredibly valuable signet ring on that finger that was worth thousands of platinum. Korret’s mother knew that they needed to find a way to retrieve the ring and implored Korret to head north and do all he can to find it. Korret was young and never home much anymore and did not care about his father or the ring. He was used to living extravagantly and had no idea that the valuable ring was to be his inheritance.

One evening in the big city of Amn Korret was practicing his stealth and thievery skills and decided to break into the penthouse of the most expensive Inn in town. He was able to clamber up to the roof and squeeze through a small gap and into the suite unnoticed. Rooting around in the drawers for something worth stealing he was interrupted by a young woman who was sleeping on the couch unnoticed by Korret. Strangely, the woman was not spooked when she saw Korret. She was intrigued by his skills and wanted Korret to show her how she could steal from her lover who was out on the town getting drunk without her. Korret was amused and began teaching this woman some of his rudimentary thievery tricks when suddenly the boyfriend entered the room with his two half-orc bodyguards. Korret and the young woman were both caught red handed and the wealthy Pasha erupted in anger. Korret was able to dive out a window and clamber down the stone wall several stories while the Pasha’s bodyguards shot arrows at him. Korret knew that he was in trouble as they had all seen his face. He scrambled home panicked and unsure of what to do.

Korret admitted all of this to his mother and she broke down in tears. Unknown to Korret, this wealthy Pasha in the penthouse suite was named Emir and was the lord of a large kingdom far to the East. It was at this point that Korret knew he fucked up and that this Pasha would stop at nothing to hunt him down. Korret’s mother implored him to leave town and never return. She told him that she and her father would also leave town and move up to the town of Cormyr where some of Korret’s relatives lived. Korret felt horrible. He had ruined his family; they would have to flee his childhood home and now he realized that his extravagant lifestyle was over. His inheritance was up north in Icewind dale in the body of some knucklehead trout. He promised his mother that he would head that way, find his fathers ring and return to them in Cormyr so they would not have to live in squalor. Thus began Korret Fogpots adventure in Icewind Dale.


city of Amn

Korret is currently adventuring in Icewind Dale in the Forgotten Realms with a new party that he met in a tavern.